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 Character/Role-playing Rules

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Renji Abarai

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PostSubject: Character/Role-playing Rules   Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:38 pm

Character & Role-playing Rules

• Always act like your character in role-playing. Don't do something your character wouldn't do. For example, Ichigo wouldn't skip down a bright path carrying a basket of flowers and wearing a dress.

• Your character must be over 16 to have sex.

• Please don't have sex a lot. Bleach isn't a sex anime, and this isn't a sex site. In the anime the characters don't show any signs of having sex, so keep that in mind.

• If your character has sex with somone, please put a X in the title.

• Don't be obsessed with dating. Bleach isn't a dating anime and this isn’t a dating site. It's perfectly fine if your character is single, since almost all the characters are single in the anime. If you insist on having your character date someone, make it someone they might actually date in the anime. For example, Rukia would never date Chad. Renji would never date Aizen. No enemies dating.

• ALWAYS RP in third person.

• Make sure your posts are at least one line or longer.

• If you're doing a private RP with someone, put private in the title. Otherwise anyone can join.

• No constant swearing in posts.

• While creating your character follow the templates.

• Please use correct spelling and grammar while role-playing.

• When talking out of character in the role-play forums, always use OOC.

•You must RP with your character at least once a week or it will be deleted.
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Character/Role-playing Rules
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