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 Chirukon (done)

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PostSubject: Chirukon (done)   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:08 pm

Name: Chirukon

Gender: male

Age: real: 2000 looks: 15

Rank: rogue vaizard


Personality: he is filled with Compassion, empathy, honesty and love, able to laugh (even at himself), kindness, gentleness, being able to enjoy the world's beauty. his speciallty is relating to others in a healthy manner, having faith, peace and joy. he is also Open-minded,intellect and a thirst for knowledge as it is an ongoing process. he has Friendliness and sustaining long-lasting and healthy relationships. he can be very mean and cruel if he wants to be, bad temper, always know exactly what to say to make some one feel bad.

Mask: is its body is its mask he has instant regeneration

Bio: Chirukon died in a fight. He went to the soul society and they found use for him. He was trained at the soul society, he was one of their best at the time. He began transforming into a hollow. He had to get rid of it himself. He found out how to do it by simple reading. He took 30 minutes to beat the hollow inside himself. He went back to the soul society, only to find out that his friends had the same thing but they couldn't beat their hollows so he was the one who had to kill them. He left the soul society and everyone thought he was dead so no one bothered to look for him.

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PostSubject: Re: Chirukon (done)   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:11 pm

here is his zanpoktou:

Name: Taketaka

Element: fire, water, and earth in sealed form only one, in shikai form only two in bankai all three

Spirit: lol sorry closest pic it could be to him

Sealed Form:

Shikai Command: "shiakai awaken" (very simple to remember^^)


Bankai: without the holes

History: I activated them while fighting to the death with my best friends, who had become hollows. I spaced out long enough to get stabbed in the shoulder. I had about six flashbacks during the fight and all were with my zanpoktou when it finally told me its name. (cant think today)

other info: sealed: he has fire as the blades element and can use it to fire a fire blast when he swings it

shikai: when he swings it and charges siprit pressure into it it send a small wave of rocks that are on fire and it would stun most people even if they have normal spirit presure fr a shinigami

banki: wen he swings it and charges SP into it it sends a large blast of rocks that are on fire and right behind that wave, and I mean s close it looks like one wave, of ice that can freeze normal shinigami for long periods of time
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PostSubject: Re: Chirukon (done)   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Chirukon (done)   

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Chirukon (done)
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