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 Yue Ravenheart

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PostSubject: Yue Ravenheart   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:30 pm

Name: Yue Ravenheart

Gender: female

Age:100 (I belive all shini's gotta be atleast that)

How old they look:18

Rank: Captin( IF there's no problem with it)

Appearance: Can i do this later( Not at a computer with pictures)

Personality:Yue has always been calm and level headed. However this makes some people think of her as heartless when she is just doing what appears to be the most logical answer no matter what that answer may be( Picture aburame clan from naruto style). She has always been on her own mostly so thats why it takes her awile to trust people.( If more is needed just say)

Powers: Her shinkai and bankai are in pairs( Meaning 2). Her shinkai from allows her to transform her sowrds into whip like blades taht can keep their shape( Picture ivy's blade) In this mode she is more focused on assiniation moves. She is able to trap the target in a grip and if they cant get out she can cube them and kill them where they stand. She is also able to make the zan wrap around her own body in order to protect her from any kind of attack that may be sent agaisnt her. Her bankai has been said to be one of the strongest in the soul society however if it is used around other members there are a huge chance of them getting hurt.

What happens in her bankai is that her blades split into nine peices and they all multiply to form 9 huge dragons made of swords. Of these dragons 1 of them is soly for defence always rotating around Yue protecting her from any sort of harm unless that attack is fast enough to get in though a crack. She is able to make the 8 dragons of offense to form a box around a target and slowly closes in to cause death.( So i suggest squad 2 for her)

Bio: She was born in a small village off in a town in japan. She was raised unaware of most of the spirits taht were floating around her. She was able to see them from quite a young age but thought she was just seeing things till she turned 15. Thats one the first one started to talk to her. Her parents died when she was 16 so for 2 years she was shipped from foster home to foster home never being in one place for more then a month due to the fact that she grew cold and hatefull after her parents died. She was hit with a car at the age of 18( if i need more i will)
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Renji Abarai

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PostSubject: Re: Yue Ravenheart   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:39 pm


I am Renji Abarai. Come too close you you'll die. I will surpass all.

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Yue Ravenheart
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