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 Gin Ichimaru

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Gin Ichimaru


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PostSubject: Gin Ichimaru   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:11 am

Name: Gin Ichimaru

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


Zanpaktou: Shinso

Me and Shinso in action:

Personality: Gin is always seen with a wide grin across his face, and his eyes almost always closed, giving the appearance of a man trying too hard. Some would say he uses this appearance to seem more innocent of matters, while making the reader more suspicious of him. His manner of speech is very imformal and even disrespectful to others, and speaks with an Osaka Dialect, which is normally used to characterize rude, clumsy, or rather blunt people.

Though not often seen, Ichimaru possesses a sadistic side, characterized by his eyes opening faintly, and his voice becoming closer in form to that of the other character's in the series. This is only seen in combat, and even then, not very often. Of the three traitors of Soul Society, Gin would seem to have the widest range of emotion, and perhaps the only one with any revervations about his actions.

Powers: In combat, Gin shows great speed and ability to anticipate his enemy's moves, capable of avoiding the high speed strikes of Toshiro Hitsugaya when in combat with him. He strikes back with a remarkable speed of his own, making it appear as if he is attacking with many more blades than he actually possesses. His sword weilding style is based in lunges rather than slices, as his Shikai makes use of that same form.

Gin's fighting style revolves around the use of Shinso (Divine Spear), his Zanpakutou. By speaking the command "Ikorose" (Shoot to Kill), his Zanpakutou, normally the size of a Wakizashi, rather than the traditional Katana, increases in length towards it's opponents, piercing them through from a far distance. He is seen to make use of his Captain's Haori by covering his sword up to hide which direction he will fire it in, and has a great accuracy with the Shikai attack. His Bankai is yet unknown, but the fact that he was a Captain implies that he has one.

Bio: His first name, "Gin", translates to "Silver" which may be areference to his silver colored hair. His last name, Ichimaru, is made up of "Ichi", meaning "one", and "maru", normally added to the end of male names as an indicator of gender, but also meaning "circle". What possible meanings these might have are as of yet unknown
Much of Gin Ichimaru's history still remain unknown, or how his past have have affected his current decisions in the world. It is known that he had met Rangiku Matsumoto many years before they became Shinigami, when he saved her from starvation, noting that she must have had high spiritual power to have found herself in such a state. He eventually joined the Seireitai as a Shinigami, working his way up to be the Lieutenant of Aizen Sousuke, which was likely when the two began their plans for Soul Society. It is known that Gin and Byakuya Kuchiki became Captains around the same time, and was nored by Rukia that Gin would often engage in conversation with Byakuya afterward, though from the beginning, there was something about him she didn't like.

Upon their entrance to Soul Society, Gin was the first Captain level Shinigami that Ichigo and his companions meet. Ichigo, fresh off a victory over the gatekeeper Jidanbou, underestimated the strength of a Captain, but was quickly put in his place after seeing Ichimaru use his shikai to critically damage Jidanbou, which Orihime spent several hours repairing.

For failing to properly kill the intruders, many of Soul Society's Captains cast suspicions on Gin, who avoided them with careful timing and assistance from Aizen Sousuke. Ichimaru's personality and appearance at the time seemed to imply him as having sinister intentions, and was regarded as the one who killed Aizen when his apparent murder came about. This was all part of Sousuke's plan to cause as much disorder in the Seireitai as he could, but his plans were ruined by Toshiro Hitsugaya, whom he tried to frame for his fake murder. Hitsugaya and Ichimaru even engaged in combat, only to be halted when Matsumoto threatened to involve herself; a fight he didn't wish to have.

When all was revealed, Aizen stated clearly that he had never thought of anyone but Gin as his Lieutenant, even after the man had become a Captain. With that, the pair, along with ally Tousen Kaname, made their escape from Soul Society thanks to the Menos Army, who made a last minute save by transporting them out. Gin's final words were that of apology, not to the Captains or to Soul Society, but to Rangiku, implying that betraying her trust was his only regret. His latest appearance in
the Manga have shown him dressed in the same clothes as those worn by Arrancar, much like Aizen and Tousen have adopted as well. He is only seen in a speaking role, and has not displayed any newfound power, unlike Tousen, who is strong enough to cut off the arm of an Espada level Arrancar who was capable of blocking Ichigo Kurosaki's Bankai with his bare hands.
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Gin Ichimaru
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