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 GimmJow Jeagerjaques

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Gin Ichimaru


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PostSubject: GimmJow Jeagerjaques   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:55 am

Name: GrimmJow Jeagerjaques

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


Personality: Arrogant,Big headed,Strong

Powers: Unknown but very powerful

Bio: As Shawlong explained, the only number rankings that have any real meaning are those of the top ten Arrancar, which indicate their strength. As the Sixth Arrancar, Grimmjaw wields a large amount of power.

Grimmjaw has teal blue hair and matching tattoos around the bottom of his eyes. He wears a shorter jacket than most of the Arrancar, and has the sleeves rolled up. He also has a “6” tattooed on his back. His hollow hole is located in his stomach and his mask fragment, as his name may imply, is a piece of jaw on the right side of his face. He first appears known as an Arrancar during Ulquiorra’s reconnaissance report to Aizen, seated next to D-Roy. It is suspected that he was one of the immature Arrancar working on Grand Fisher, but that hasn’t been confirmed. His personality as a smartass is established here when he chastises Ulquiorra for not destroying Ichigo.

He leads a group of Arrancar to the material world and instructs them to destroy anyone with the smallest amount of reiatsu. After D-Roy is destroyed by Rukia, Grimmjaw surprises Ichigo and Rukia with his appearance. Grimmjaw asks which of them is stronger, and after tearing a hole in Rukia he decides to fight Ichigo.

Ichigo attacks Grimmjaw with Zangetsu and his basic attack is easily repelled by the Arrancar. Grimmjaw continues to antagonize Ichigo and Ichigo releases his bankai. While Ichigo’s attacks are still repelled, he does manage to surprise Grimmjaw by evading one of his attacks, as well as with Getsuga Tenshou. Grimmjaw is amused, but he continues to dominate during the battle, and Ichigo feels is necessary to hold back because the hollow inside him begins to try to fight its way to the surface.

The battle ends when Tousen appears to escort Grimmjaw, the only Arrancar to survive, back to Hueco Mundo. Upon his return he is brought in front of Aizen, who decides to forgive Grimmjaw’s insubordination, though when Grimmjaw continues to antagonize his leaders, Tousen slices off his left arm and vaporizes it. Aizen dismisses them and what has become of Grimmjaw is unknown.

Grimmjaw has the most personality out of all the Arrancar we’ve met so far. He lives to fight, and is obviously irritated by the pace Aizen is moving at. We have yet to see what Grimmjaw’s zanpakutou release is, and many people are hoping to see a rematch between Ichigo and Grimmjaw, or even for Grimmjaw to switch sides and fight Tousen in the war.
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PostSubject: Re: GimmJow Jeagerjaques   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:29 pm


I am Renji Abarai. Come too close you you'll die. I will surpass all.

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GimmJow Jeagerjaques
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